Asset Management in SCSM

It’s never been more important to manage your software and hardware assets. Our asset management solution in System Center Service Manager makes the task easy, while ensuring accuracy and best practice.

If you’re looking for better productivity, dealing with a vendor audit or trying to cut costs, our award winning IT Asset and Inventory Management solution is the answer.

Other Asset & Inventory Management solutions place a heavy load on the IT department to input and configure asset information. Our approach is different. We use existing data to help you automate the process.

Standard features include Hardware, Software and Contract Asset Management; set policies for technology refresh and Blancco of hardware at end of life; identify if an asset is leased or procured; control assets in different geographies centrally; manage all in an ITIL catalog aligned manner; report on asset costs by department / geography / cost center and more.

Our solution is fully integrated with System Center, so it’s plug and play. It makes life easier, helps you cut your overall costs and ensures you’re on top of your asset management from day one.

We know it is so good, we use it ourselves in our Managed Services division for Asset Lifecycle Management


Cased Dimensions, is a key Microsoft partner providing enterprise class ITSM and BSM services and enhancements to Microsoft System Center, meeting the needs of our joint customers.

Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft