Legal Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

We help legal departments get away from managing workload in email, spreadsheets and homegrown solutions. We help you get control of work demand and service delivery whilst enabling you to focus resources on strategic priorities.

Legal Departments without our solution typically fail in the management of repetitive requests, lack tools to effectively manage contractual itemized obligations and are inefficient in coordinating legal tasks among departments.

Our Legal Self-Service Portal provides an intuitive interface allowing work colleagues to raise requests. When raising requests, you can ask specific questions and have specific forms completed whilst a colleague raises a request. Whilst colleagues raise requests, you can also advise an outline process with indicative timescales for each request type; therefore managing employee expectations before a request is even made. User satisfaction is often aligned to expectation.

Once requests are raised, we allow you to manage requests through templated process (workflow) which can be changed during execution but where a complete audit for compliance is achieved.

We also enable a consolidated view of work submitted, workload reporting against business service level agreements or KPI’s. It provides a knowledge base to centrally manage legal knowledge, research and documents. This provides you the necessary information to improve work quality, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


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Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft