ESS (Employee Self-Service)

Employee Self-Service, if not in place, is where you can achieve a rapid ROI. Why have 2 people support what 1 person can do? Online banking proves ESS works for the mass market as user adoption is large and customer satisfaction is high.

Many companies allow employees to raise help requests via email. To do so means support staff do not receive “right first time information” which results in chasing staff for further information and a poor perception on service times.

Some companies allow employees to call a helpdesk where requests are typed in for employee calling. This is inefficient as 2 people are working on a task which could be supported by 1 person.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows you to ask the correct questions to staff via a portal. The questions can be tailored specific to the Line of Business request. Support staff receive “Right First Time Information”. Once a support case is raised, a specific process manages the employee request to business agreed KPI’s / SLA’s. Employees have a good perception of support.

Cased Dimensions has implemented this type of service for many 20,000+ employee organizations. When Cased Dimensions helps you achieve efficient ESS, we take a Service Catalog by which you can achieve rapid maturity.

Employee Self-Service areas we have helped in this way include:


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Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft