Microsoft Azure -
Secure Cloud for Insurance

Operating in the cloud has the potential to be a major game-changer in the insurance sector.

In the field of motor insurance, the introduction of telematics and the likely explosion in use of the technology is a major challenge. Legacy IT systems on a company’s own premises simply don’t cut it in this brave new world, where a vast amount of crucial data about risk and other factors is available in real time.

The cloud and associated technology can also provide a much more detailed picture of risk assessment in other insurance fields, including health and property.

More importantly still, it has the potential to redefine the customer’s view of insurance and insurance providers, enabling companies to sell a greater range of products and offer consumers value added services.

In addition, the cloud offers:

  • — Lower total cost of IT ownership and operation
  • — Opportunities for customers to use self-service for routine tasks, thus saving staff time
  • — Better handling of peaks in demand
  • — Maximising renewals
  • — Improved collaboration with trusted partners
Insurance Sector

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Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft