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System Center Service Manager

Microsoft System Center Service Manager

SCSM 2012
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System Center Service Manager (SCSM) is an integrated platform to improve the productivity of your existing IT staff whilst aligning to industry best practice such as ITIL. IT leaders are under increasing pressure to produce more with ever-decreasing budgets. Labour now represents the biggest single cost and risk factor for the majority of IT functions.

The one tool which most, if not all, IT staff work within is the IT service desk.

Inefficient service desks mean large companies waste much 'human' time when supporting IT issues. This is due to the fact that support staff cannot identify which asset an issue relates to. SCSM 2012 automatically builds and updates a live CMDB to ensure operational staff have access to accurate information about the assets & users they support.

Best practice processes enabled within SCSM include:

SCSM Customer Impact Video

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Watch this video to understand how SCSM is used and how client got maximum business benefit.

System Center Service Manager updates configuration information automatically so your service desk can quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues or implement change effectively. The benefits include reducing cost, providing integration, efficiency, and business alignment for your business to IT services.

Cased Dimensions has written many management packs for SCSM including SLA Management, Asset Management, Assigned to Me, Network Connector, Bar Code Scanner and Advanced Reporting. Our software asset management packs integrate with Service Manager.

As an Alliance Partner with Microsoft, we have worked directly with the Microsoft team in Redmond on the development of our management packs for System Center Service Manager.

Please feel free to contact us to calculate your RoI for implementing Service Manager or visit our Resources section and sign up to download exclusive whitepapers and brochures.

Microsoft System Center Service Manager - Evolving with Azure