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Change management is the process of transition within an organization. Change is the most common reason for downtime in IT systems today. If change management is poorly executed, it can have a knock-on impact on many things.

Most organizations should be 'business service aligned' in change management. Out of the box, Service Manager has good functionality for change management - Business Services (object) exist and can be related to Change Work Items (Tickets).

Within organizations, a change assignee (change reviewer) and change manager (change implementer) normally exist. Such persons are specialized in a Business Application / Service. With standard SCSM, there is no ability to set a change assignee no change manager to Business Services nor Change Work Items.

Cased Dimensions has extended the SCSM Business Service with change assignee and change manager data fields. This allows clients to save people responsible for change aligned to each business service. Once configured, Change Assignees and Change Managers are populated automatically within Change Forms. Change Assignees are automatically associated to Review Activities relative to each Change and Change Managers are automatically associated to Manual Activities (no need to open change activities and update).

Change in a business aligned way delivers great value. It will:

  • — Ensure improved business service uptime
  • — Ensure clear business aligned change ownership
  • — Ensure clear change audit
  • — Ensure consistency
  • — Ensure higher rates of productivity - your employees are more productive because the IT systems are more available
  • — Reduce service desk workload as people do not need to identify change managers and assignees and open each and every change activity for configuration

To discover more about Enterprise Change, please watch our demo video or contact us today.