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SCSM Network Connector

You can gain control of managing your IT assets with our Network Connector management pack for SCSM.

Overview of IT Asset Management

IT assets are vital in enabling business services to function. When an issue occurs and an asset breaks, a business service may stop working. The driving factor in supporting IT issues is to resolve issues as quickly as possible and restore business services.

IT assets are different in nature. The information required to understand an issue with an asset for a network device will be different to a server or database asset. Without the correct information, IT operations cannot resolve issues quickly. In addition to this, change control cannot occur in a structured, controlled manner.

Our Network Connector solution for SCSM

We have extended the CMDB under SCSM to support better data for network assets. Network assets are critical components for IT services. Should a network device stop working, it can halt many business services. Cased Dimensions Network Connector links to Cisco Works, Solarwinds and other SQL based Network Management products.

Network Connector

There are many advantages to the SCSM Network Connector:

  • — Gain control of network assets
  • — Track, discover, import,and validate Network Information directly to SCSM through a Network Connector
  • — Inform the analyst by displaying information rapidly and easily in network customized forms
  • — Manage your IT assets and utilize IT operations to deliver informed IT service management & change

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