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SCSM Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal
Service Portal

SCSM Self Service Portal

Cased Dimensions has pioneered the Self Service Portal for SCSM, which provides a more responsive user experience than the standard Service Manager 2012 version. It is compatible with all PCs, laptops and mobile devices and integrates with IT asset management.

Other companies have written technical interfaces, with an Azure look and feel, for self-service portals. Azure is a technical interface for technical people where training is required. Cased Dimensions' focus has been the employee. The journey of the employee is easy and aligned to Amazon and shopping cart experiences where employees can easily adopt self-service. 

SCSM Self Service Portal - Shopping Cart Experience

To present your business's self-service journeys, the environment is zero code. That is, all is configured with Service Manager and automatically appears on the portal with no development required at all - ZERO CODING! 

scsm html portal login page.png

Cased Dimensions has extended Service Manager's 'Catalog' function for self-service. Clients utilizing Cased Dimensions self-service portal ensure employees can experience a more enhanced, mature, easy to use web forms. 

To find out more information on our Self Service Portal, please watch our Video or please feel free to Contact Us today. 

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