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Agile Delivery for Service Manager

Traditional delivery methodologies attempt to eliminate or restrict change by specifying requirements in fine detail up-front and then imposing strict 'change management' procedures for any unplanned business requirements during delivery. Cased Dimensions' agile approach when delivering Service Manager recognises that requirements change, and that the best way to support change is through collaborative, iterative and rapid deployments – delivering 'value early, value often'.

Cased Dimensions Agile delivery methodology for System Center Service Manager provides a framework for delivering successful SCSM solutions in compressed timeframes.

agile delivery methodology against waterfall delivery     agile incremental transition and business transformation

Cased Dimensions Service Manager workshops deliver a working Service Manager environment in condensed time frames. This is due to our knowledge of SCSM – we have been working with SCSM longer than any other organisation in the world barring Microsoft.

During SCSM delivery, Cased Dimensions will:

  1. Scope processes required to support Incident, Change and Problem management

  2. Set up Service Manager and demonstrate features and functions within Service Manager to client.

  3. Map clients' organization structure and how Service Manager features can best support client organization structure.

  4. Deliver Service Manager as agreed in points 1 - 4 above, including:

    • Incident management
    • Problem management
    • Change management
    • Exchange Integration
    • Configuration management database (CMDB)
    • Integration with Operations Manager (SCOM)
    • Integration with Configuration Manager (SCCM)
    • Deliver Analyst Change self-service web portal.
    • Knowledge Library
    • Integration with Active Directory
    • Deliver End user self-service web portal
    • Support tiers
    • AD Integration
    • SLA Management

Each Client will also receive "shadow" training in Service Manager. Should customization then be required in Service Manager, Cased Dimensions will manage the delivery off-site via our development team.

For more information, please visit our Video section, Resource section or you can contact us.