Azure Hybrid Services

Azure Hybrid Services, as the name suggests, offers a halfway house between wholesale migration to the cloud and maintaining all your IT and business systems on-site.

The flexibility of the hybrid model makes it hugely popular with our customers – not least because very few businesses are in a position to migrate everything to the cloud. This ensures you can mitigate risk during Cloud Migration.

Integrating cloud-based services with your on-premises services can, however, pose some real challenges:

  • Which services or operations should be moved into the cloud?
  • Should I move to software, infrastructure, platform or storage as a service?
  • How will the mixture of physical and cloud services be successfully managed?
  • Alleviating concerns about security and availability to align with corporate “best practice”.
  • How should I configure Azure to support my Business to ensure future growth?
  • How can I manage billing in Azure?
Azure Hybrid Services

Once we’ve conducted our comprehensive “Cloud Health Check” of your current setup, we will have the answers to all those questions.

In fact, we’re so trusted by Microsoft that we’re often sub-contracted to migrate its customers to cloud or hybrid services. That level of endorsement is your assurance that we’re the best in the business.

Please also see our section on Managed Services or contact us for more information.


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Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft