What is “Microsoft Service Manager”?

Service Manager is Microsoft’s Enterprise ITIL3 compliant Service Desk. Service Manager enables you to support your end users for IT, HR and Financial services through it’s highly integrated platform.

End user support is arguably one of the most critical – and often the most challenging – aspect of IT operations due to the sheer breadth of potential contact issues. Moreover, without methods in place for users to handle some of their own support needs, the IT service desk ends up being overwhelmed with common, repeated tasks.

Microsoft Service Manager provides an integrated automated platform to address this issue.

Why is Microsoft Service Manager different?

Most Microsoft clients ALREADY OWN System Center Service Manager!

Service Manager, out of the box, automates the building of a CMDB which empowers Process Automation. This is enabled through integration to:

Windows Server Active Directory
System Center Operations Manager
System Center Orchestrator
System Center Virtual Machine Manager
System Center Configuration Manager

Clients will enable Configuration Management, integrate user and CI data and identify which Assets users are responsible for automatically. For examples of automation, please review our SCSM Service Brochure.

Service Manager also integrates with Exchange, Skype and a Business Self-Service Portal to ensure Users are easy to communicate with and support is efficient.

How can Cased Dimensions help customers?

Cased Dimensions’ approach is to work collaboratively with customers to define, design and deliver a concise automated system based around Microsoft System Center Service Manager.

We leverage our experience with large and small clients alike to repeat business efficiency where Service Maturity is rapidly delivered.

Please feel free to download our SCSM brochures (no need to register) for further information.

Alternatively, contact us via the web form or on info@caseddimensions.com

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