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SCSM Asset Management & Inventory Management

With increasing pressure on organizations to take control of their software assets and the continued fear of vendor audits, there has never been a greater need for software asset management. Not only the need to do it, but to do it well and take advantage of the many benefits that can be gained from it.

SCSM Asset & Inventory Management covers all aspects of software asset management & hardware asset management. Whether facing a vendor audit, a true-up, cost cutting or simply trying to ensure employee productivity with assets aligned to HR, Cased Dimensions offer an award-winning IT Asset & Inventory Management solution.

Other Asset & Inventory Management solutions place a heavy load on the IT department to input and configure asset information. Our approach is different. Our focus has been to leverage existing data to automate the population of IT asset information. Our software makes your job easy whilst ensuring accuracy and best practice.

Fully integrated with System Center, our software is plug-and-play. Cased Dimensions' Asset & Inventory Management absorbs SCSM, SCCM & AD information. Unlike other asset management solutions for SCSM, we also leverage SCSM native functions such as CIs, Groups and Users.

We have also written a mobile Bar Code Scanner application to receive, manage and audit assets. This application has been written in-house without third parties so aftersales support is guaranteed by Cased Dimensions.

Cased Dimensions investment ensures our clients' ability to utilize software is simplified. Check out our videos for Asset Management and Bar Code Scanner in the Videos section. The power is in the integration!

SCSM Asset & Inventory Management - Introduction

SCSM Asset & Inventory Management is the complete solution for hardware asset & inventory management, software asset management and compliance.

Many organizations have invested in the technology to discover the software in their environment, but lack the ability to reconcile usage with their contracts and licenses, leaving them exposed to vendor audits, as well as missing the opportunity to reduce costs through better management and recycling of surplus software licenses. Such clients are exposed to vendor audits and also miss the opportunity to reduce costs on surplus software licenses that exist.

Cased Dimensions brings together market-leading experience in SAM, software licensing, hardware asset management and the industry's most powerful asset management tool, SCSM Asset & Inventory Management.

Using SCSM Asset & Inventory Management, the many benefits of undertaking IT asset & inventory management can be immediately realized. The wealth of knowledge SCSM Asset & Inventory Management provides means organizations can ensure they retain a competitive edge, remain compliant and drive significant savings by avoiding unnecessary purchases - with unused licenses being renewed where appropriate.

SCSM Asset & Inventory Management provides:

  • — Many years of best practice configured to automate SCSM Asset & Inventory Management
  • — Full integration with SCCM and SCSM
  • — Clear and simple compliance reporting
  • — Software License Management for Desktops and Servers
  • — Hardware Inventory Management for Life-Cycle management
  • — Hardware & software asset & inventory management aligned to HR ensuring optimum employee productivity
  • — Automated reduced time to achieve real benefits
  • — Low cost of entry
  • — Easy to implement
  • — Scalability

Organizations can easily avoid vendor fines and negative exposure whilst planning ahead to develop and implement policies to keep software & hardware asset management compliant.

Asset Management & Inventory Management - Outline

Asset Management & Inventory Management - Software Licensing

For further information on how Cased Dimensions can help you to regain the initiative in the management of your IT assets, please download our Asset Management & Inventory Management brochure from our Resources section or Contact Us today.