Portal Management in Dynamics 365

Integrating your Dynamics 365 solution with the web. Connecting your business with the world.

Web portals are a great way to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 by sharing selective data with non-CRM users, or provide employees with additional collaborative features.
At Cased Dimensions, we have pioneered the Self-Service Portal Management in Dynamics 365. It provides a more responsive user experience than the standard Service Manager version and is compatible with PCs, laptops and mobile devices. It is the true ERP Self Service Portal.
When designing the portal, we focus on the employee. The experience is much like shopping on Amazon or any good retail site. The user picks the item or service that’s required, completes questions as defined by the business and goes to checkout. It’s as simple as that.
The business benefits of this approach are:
  • Speed of the portal is lightning fast
  • The “open case” process is automated, freeing up employees who would otherwise have to answer a phone to log the issue
  • A business specific process tailored to the user request is invoked
  • It’s fully audited & compliant
  • Once submitted each step will be audited against the person who performs the task, how and when.
  • User receives confirmation on all questions and answers whilst all questions and answers are presented in the “Case”
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