Fluids365 from Cased Dimensions

Fluids365 is our flagship product which enables Application Modernization including API Integration to other existing applications. Often known as Low code and No code development platform.

As organisations move to the Cloud or upgrade old infrastructure, they also need to upgrade operating systems and application versions to newer releases. However, many older applications have been in-house written or software vendors do not have an upgrade path.

Fluids365 is the answer. It rapidly enables you to replace your old application or enable business self-service with an Application Modernization Platform.

Our software will help with staff efficiency and increase productivity, as it enables self-service and a community eco-system allowing users to share workflows and collaborate effectively.

Fluids365 is a Business Process Management tool designed to promote automation and complete all tasks in a timely manner. Service benefits include:

  • Modernise old applications rapidly – nine fold speed for migrating off old applications
  • Ensure the future of your business.
  • Enable efficiencies by straight through processing – API integration with legacy and Cloud applications
  • Empower self-service rapidly within your business – remove Business Analysts off phones and allow end users to log their issues

Return on Investment is rapid where service improvement is positive.

FLUIDS 365 Application Modernization

These are some of the features available in Fluids365

  • Application Modernisation, allowing for multiple Business Process services/applications
  • A self-service portal
  • Application Integration allowing third party services/applications to be combined.
  • Legacy Modernisation enabling replacement of historic systems.
  • Microservice Platform as a service
  • Application Migration allows for fully customisable workflows.
  • Business Process Management Tools
  • Community Eco-System allows workflows to be shared among users promoting greater collaboration.
  • Continuous upgrades to the latest features.

How to utilise Fluids365 for Application Modernization

Applications have been written in two ways. In-house or via a Software Vendor. In a lot of cases, old applications are not supported due to the in-house team moving on or due to the Software Vendor no longer supporting the application.

Fluids365 is a platform which allows you to model new applications and execute the model where Fluids365 creates the new application with no need for developers.  Also known as zero code or no code.

Screenshot of the homepage

FLUIDS 365 Application Modernization

Once created, the new application can be API linked to existing or new applications. Fluids365 includes a “library” store where API’s can be stored to process data to and from other applications.

Example of a workflow

FLUIDS 365 Application Modernization

With FLUIDS365, we typically reduce a 6-month development project to launch in days.

Some of our clients include:

  • SCSM-lloyds
  • SCSM-belfast-health-trust
  • ems-gcloud 11
  • Microsoft-Intune-Grundfos
  • ems-ncsc
  • EMS-stobbarts
  • scsm-mcdonalds
  • ems-carillion
  • azure bt
  • scsm-aramark
  • azure budget energy
  • cesg-career-builder
  • azure-kbr
  • dynamics-aspire-defence
  • azure-skanska
  • cesg-kimberly-clark
  • cesg-kirklees
  • SCSM-tetraPak
  • System-Center-Service-Manager-NI-Water
  • cesg-perrigo
  • cesg-urs
  • dynamics-university-ulster
  • dynamics-axa
  • dynamics-equiniti
  • microsoft-intune-gotrokazakhs
  • ems-ards-north-down
  • Intune-wiltshire
  • microsoft-intune-aegis-media
  • microsoft-intune-tata
  • SCSM-silversands ltd
  • Microsoft-Service-Manager-Maroc
  • scsm-amey
  • Windows-Azure-Services

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