Microsoft Azure -
Secure Cloud for Manufacturing

Secure Cloud for Manufacturing

Some are calling it the fourth Industrial Revolution. But whatever name you give it, the cloud is transforming the way the manufacturing sector does business.

It offers manufacturers, suppliers and partners a unique insight into the entire supply chain, enabling better productivity, greater control and more agile business operations - at a lower cost.

As the Internet of Things emerges, components and products will routinely communicate with each other and with manufacturers and retailers to offer higher quality, fewer defects and goods that are customised for the buyer - a departure from mass production.

In most cases, legacy IT systems won't be up to the task of handling the huge volume of data that this will entail.

The cloud - and the added value we at Cased Dimensions bring to it - is the answer.

Of course, you may not need all the above capabilities right now. From the most modest requirements of a small manufacturer to a large-scale reimagining of a complex IT system, we can deliver.

We have access to Microsoft's products a full six months before they reach market, so we have a unique insight into which will suit you best. We also have a suite of management packs for Microsoft's System Center Service Manager that extend and improve its capabilities.

Those are just two of the reasons why you need us to help with your journey to the cloud. We can help you improve productivity and reduce your total cost of IT ownership while future-proofing your systems. Talk to us to find out how.


Cased Dimensions, is a key Microsoft partner providing enterprise class ITSM and BSM services and enhancements to Microsoft System Center, meeting the needs of our joint customers.

Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft