Employee Self-Service

Traditional Managed Service Providers charge customers for each service request or incident managed.

At Cased Dimensions, we're different. Because automation is our focus, we start the process by having the user input the required information. The alternative is tying up an expensive support person to type on behalf of the user.

Cased Dimensions empower users to help themselves. Knowledge Articles related to a User issue is also pushed in the Employee Self-Service Portal and often the User fixes the issue without raising a request.

Where requests are raised, automation streamlines the completion of repetitive tasks. Asset requests are processed and audited through workflow to ensure security and compliance to corporate governance.

The result is our costs for providing the service are lower. And we pass that on to you.

So what are the benefits? Well, one of our customers has enjoyed productivity gains of 65% - a remarkable return on investment. A global company with more than 19,000 users processes and supports more than 80% of its business requests for IT, Finance, HR, Supply Chain and more through our Self Service Portal. On this scale, the potential savings are huge. But even if your business or organization is much smaller, there are substantial benefits.

As we have delivered this type of solution to 12 of World’s largest companies, we have a knowledge base for how you should configure your self-service catalog (80%-20% rule).

Contact us to find out more or click here for examples of Self-Service process supported.


Cased Dimensions, is a key Microsoft partner providing enterprise class ITSM and BSM services and enhancements to Microsoft System Center, meeting the needs of our joint customers.

Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft