Asset Management –
Life Cycle Management

Managing the life cycle of your IT assets, such as hardware and software, can be a costly and time consuming activity. However, with effective Asset Management there is the potential for big savings on hardware, as well as software.

At Cased Dimensions, we’re Asset Management experts. We help clients by managing all of or part of the Asset Management process. This includes the people, Asset Inventory warehouse, asset management software, self-service software and each of the asset lifecycle phases as illustrated.

  • Hardware Request
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse, Stock & Client Recycle Centre
  • Software Image build for hardware
  • Installation of company image/software
  • Deployment of Hardware to users
  • Support (Any problems? Needs upgrading? Accidental damage? Patching)
  • Not in use / End of warranty or maintenance
  • Retirement / Disposal
SCSM Asset Management

We work with you to understand employee / supplier / customer profiles for which assets they are allowed and approval / provision processes required. We also capture whose budget each asset should be set against. Asset Management is configured within an ITIL 3 compliant Service Desk.

Once service is live, we automate much of the ‘Asset’ & ‘User’ “data”, enabling us to track each asset anytime, anywhere during its life cycle and also report against cost by department / site / geography / cost code.

But that’s not all. Our Self Service Portal enables authorized users to request and approve assets for themselves & others; see assets they own or offer feedback to reflect they no longer hold an asset. The portal is also an interface to update Active Directory with each person’s latest business information such as cost centers, departments, job title, telephone number, location etc… This information is automatically routed to asset management and supports internal charge back / reporting.

Accurate Asset Management is imperative to security but can also save you time and money and provide a host of other benefits.

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Cased Dimensions, is a key Microsoft partner providing enterprise class ITSM and BSM services and enhancements to Microsoft System Center, meeting the needs of our joint customers.

Michael Leworthy, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management, Microsoft