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Cased Dimensions formally launches improved Microsoft SCSM Development Services Cased Dimensions formally launches improved Microsoft SCSM Development Services

Cased Dimensions formally launches improved Microsoft SCSM Development Services

For Immediate Release Monaghan, Ireland |May 26th, Managing Director - Liam Murray of Cased Dimensions Ltd, today announces the release of the repackaged Microsoft System Centre Service Manager Services which focuses mostly on Information Technology SLA Management configured for scalable business applications for SMEs & Macro Corporate entities, remarkably improving Total Quality Management (TQM) Capabilities of any organization that depend immensely on IT infrastructures and processes (which, honestly, is 95% of all industries today). "Since our humble beginnings, we’ve been especially focused on our Product Research and Development (R&D) and this outlook has allowed us to evolve as IT Professionals and a company as a whole.

When it comes to client service delivery, our products are driven to enabling businesses of different sizes and structures to become more efficient, responsive and active,"says Liam Murray. The Managing Director was there with the company from the very start helping drive bridging the gap between the product capabilities and client needs for overcoming IT Process Management Issues. With locations in Ireland, the UK, and the US,the ability to benchmark practices between cultures and countries have been uncanny. Microsoft SCSM is the new Service Desk Tool that has been worked on by Cased Dimensions Ltd that primarily involved customizations to shelf functionalities that were previously released – catering to both industry-specific and business-specific needs to have the Tool maximize client-company’s potential to optimize their business process management.

Continuing to develop our deployable products whilst allowing them to remain cost-effective and quality-driven will         remain as our main vision and mission. As Cased Dimensions launches the improved Service Manager Development Products, we will also be expanding our Research & Development Team to be able to meet the ever-increasing market demands for specific tools that address specific issues that require minimum technical development from the Business Clients. Liam Murray further mentions that, "Our expertise is complemented by our sincere desire to allow the client to concentrate on their actual business’ products and services, rather than spending their valuable time administrating trivial tasks that can easily be automated.

We, the Sales Team along with the Technical Delivery Division feel that our Service Manager Services would stand as a mainstream product that effectively symbolizes our company and what we stand for." Cased Dimensions Ltd will continue to provide cost-efficient Development Services to its existing client-base that cover locations in over three continents. The company expects to see new products and services being made available for their current clients and new ones that are expected to come on board with the recent release of the improved SCSM Features – which has been seen as a highly-valuable requirement in the market today. For more details about the company’s new developments on Microsoft Technologies along with other programming products and services,please visit                     

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