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Cased Dimensions Joins Belfast Pride Parade 

Cased Dimensions Joins Belfast Pride Parade 

Cased Dimensions were delighted to join the whole city at Belfast Pride last weekend. The parade set off from Custom House Square at 13:00 BST and paraded through the city centre.

Hundreds of companies, organisations and individuals took part and the occasional rain shower did not dampen the enthusiasm as there were rainbows everywhere.

Ian's EPic Leg Guitar

One of the memorable highlights from the parade was our CTO showcasing his leg guitar skills.

Cased Dimensions are proud to have been part of the amazing crowd, people came from far and wide to celebrate and the whole city was packed with nothing but happiness.

Mandi Dhliwayo who is Cased Dimensions Head of People and Engagement summed up the day by saying “I’m still trying to take it all in, looking into the crowds seeing nothing but acceptance, happiness and love. Looking back at the weekend, it was heart warming.”

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