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Important employee information such as phone numbers, office location, department and country are stored in Active Directory as standard.

Depending on the nature of the role, this information can be quite fluid and require frequent updates. New members of staff joining the company will need their records added to AD as well.

This information is key in supporting best practice IT asset management as well as important HR processes like onboarding. For users of out of the box SCSM, updating this information is a manual process in AD and then automatically updates data in your CMDB.

This is a boring, repetitive task that is time consuming for both the service desk and HR. It also impacts on productivity and increases risk of human error, for example, incorrect phone number or mismatched details between AD and the CMDB.

Cased Dimensions have created AD Sync for SCSM - a powerful tool that automates this boring repetitive task by creating a relationship between AD and the CMDB. When data is manually updated in SCSM, our tool automatically syncs and updates the data on your AD.

Our AD Sync product is essential for updating users working in remote locations. User details can be easily adjusted using SCSM whenever their location changes.

Our AD To find out more about how we can sync your service desk with other important business functions, get in touch with us today.

The benefits of SCSM AD Sync include:

  • — Frees up HR and IT service desk staff to work on tasks that add business value
  • — Improved efficiency of key ITSM and ITAM processes
  • — Improved efficiency of key HR processes
  • — Improved knowledge exchange of employee data between HR and the service desk
  • — Significant boost in productivity and employee morale