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SCSM Decision Activity

Decision Activity is an additional activity within Service Manager workflow. It allows Service Manager to make decisions without having to loop traffic to Orchestrator.

Decision activities are designed into process during the design phase - they are configured within 'Templates'. Decision Activity works within the Service Request and the Change Management modules of Service Manager.

scsm decision activity screenshot

In our example above, the decision activity has been configured with regard to a service request for access to a finance application. There are 2 paths created in which Path A is to provision the finance application and Path B is for Review and Approval from a line manager before provisioning the finance application.

This process is configured by calling on Active Directory to identify the Affected User and determine if they are in the finance department (which would result in proceeding with Path A approval) or if they are from another department (which would result in Path B for Review and Approval by the finance manager).

Other instances where people utilize decision activities include asset management. For example, if people are asking for standard company cell phones as opposed to a high end smartphone, which is much more expensive, directors would follow a similar path to the Path A example above, whereas those lower on the corporate hierarchy would need to be processed through Path B.

The benefits of Decision Activity are:

  • — Administrators can support business process within Service Manager without the need to loop trafic to Orchestrator
  • — Less administration and support as all logic is contained within Service Manager
  • — Improved business reporting

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