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SCSM Force List Selection

With Service Manager, when an analyst is assigning a ticket, they will choose a support group. To choose the right support group helps ensure a quicker time-to-fix.

In standard SCSM, it is possible to choose a higher level support tier. In the example below, you see Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

SCSM Force List Selection

If the issue is with a Microsoft product, then the support team will be Microsoft. However, if the analyst accidentally (or deliberately) selects Tier 2, the incident will be assigned to 'Tier 2'. As a result, the work item may take longer to resolve as it may require reassignment or not be worked on.

Cased Dimensions have the ideal solution to this common problem. With our management pack, choosing an incorrect support tier is prevented and flagged up with an exclamation mark icon.

SCSM Force List Selection

The "OK" and "Apply" buttons at the bottom of the Form are also greyed out and the ticket cannot be progressed until a lower support tier is selected.

Once the correct support tier is chosen, the icon will disappear and the analyst can then progress the work item. This is known as "Force List Selection".

The benefits of Force List selection are:

  • — Analysts will classify work items clearly and more efficiently
  • — It will ensure a quicker time-to-fix
  • — It will ensure better productivity
  • — It will ensure service is more consistent
  • — The SCSM administrator will have an easier environment to manage as Force List Selection removes many options for classification which in turn reduces admin overhead in configuration

To find out more about how this Cased Dimensions management pack can help your business, watch our demo video or get in touch with us.