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SCSM Mandatory Fields

With Service Manager out of the box, there are some fields which are mandatory such as Title and Classification. There are other fields that exist here too such as Impact and Urgency.

In the example below, you will see that a red asterisk appears beside the data field to indicate a mandatory field. If this left blank, the options 'OK and 'Apply' are not available to progress the work item. If the title is filled and a classification category is chosen, then the work item can be progressed.

'Affected User' is not a mandatory field out of the box. This causes issues with determining who within the company is needing an issue resolved and can be a time consuming process to find out as a result.

In standard SCSM, it is possible to choose a higher level support tier. In the example below, you see Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

SCSM Mandatory Fields

Within Cased Dimensions, we have created controls which can be applied to forms which make the field mandatory. It is your choice which fields become mandatory.

You will see in example here with our management pack applied, that 'Affected User' is now a mandatory field, along with 'Category', 'Impact' and 'Support Group'.

SCSM Mandatory Fields

The 'OK' and 'Apply' are only available as options when all the data fields within the mandatory attribute are filled in.

Mandatory Fields can be applied to lists, to free text and to object data fields within Service Manager. They can be applied to any form or any tab within a form.

The benefits of Mandatory Fields are:

  • — Data fields are filled out more accurately, therefore the processing of the work item will be much more efficient
  • — The time to resolve and fix will be much faster
  • — Productivity is enhanced
  • — Better work environment for all employees

To find out how you can integrate this management pack for your business, please take a look at our resources section or contact us today.