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SCSM Related Items

Within the standard version of Microsoft Service Manager, you can see from the example below that an employee has raised an issue about their Outlook client freezing via email to the service desk.

SCSM Related Items

However, there is no clear indication within the 'General' tab that the user has attached a screenshot to visualize their issue for the support analyst to view and interpret. This usually results in a call from the support analyst that is left unanswered by the affected user due to 'unknown number' appearing on their telephone's display screen.

If only there was an option to see the Related Item and the fact there was a screenshot attached...

With Cased Dimensions, there is! We have answered this problem by extending the standard functionality to be more intuitive for the support analyst to interact with. As you can see from the example below, where the same Outlook issue from the employee has been raised, the General tab is highlighted but Related Items is visually green.

SCSM Related Items Screenshot

This highlights that there is additional support information to consolidate the ticket relative to the issue.

The benefits of Related Items are:

  • — Support analyst will diagnose the issue quicker
  • — Support analyst will resolve the issue quicker for the affected user
  • — Employee (affected user) will be happier because they don't need to repeat themselves and service is restored quicker
  • — Increases service desk and employee productivity
  • — Ensures a happier environment for everyone to work in

To find out more about this product, you can visit our resources section, watch our demo video or you can get in touch with us.