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OLA & SLA Management for SCSM

The Cased Dimensions SLA Management Pack for System Center Service Manager enables you to automate and monitor your service desk more effectively, allowing you to improve productivity and service perception.

Microsoft has enabled 'Service Level Objectives' within SCSM 2012. In order to write a Service Level Objective (SLO), the SCSM administrator must create a Work Queue. The SLO is written against the Work Queue. This makes the administrator's job laborious when writing many SLO's. It can be extremely difficult to administer/change following creation: many data variables require consideration when change is implemented against SLO's.

Service Level Objectives also do not take account of the fact a Service Desk Ticket, or Work Item, may traverse many support groups/tiers/people. SLO’s allow you measure the start and end time of a ticket, but not each ‘touch point’. SLO’s do not allow you measure and govern the performance of each support team/person who manages a ticket.

ITIL defines the ability to measure end to end service as a 'Service Level Agreement' (SLA). ITIL defines the ability to measure Internal Operational performance as 'Operational Level Agreement' (OLA). OLA's measure the performance of each person and/or support group in the resolution of an IT Issue. Without OLA information, it is often impossible to aid service improvement.

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Managed Service Providers
The Cased Dimensions SLA Management Pack also enables multi-tenancy for managed service providers. eg: the ability to write different SLA's and OLA's for different clients and their services.

Additional SLA Management Features from Cased Dimensions The SLA product is unique as it works inside Service Manager as a Management Pack. A self-install wizard unpacks and installs the functionality. Cased Dimensions has worked as part of the TAP ISV program to create this Management Pack. To view a video demo of our SLA Management Pack, have a look at our videos section.

Additional features Cased Dimensions SLA Management Pack for SCSM 2012 enables (which are not possible with SCSM SLO) include:

Additional features:

  • — Easy to identify VIP’s & view VIP employees within Views.
  • — Ability to see SLA & OLA information within Views.
  • — View Timezone of ‘Affected User’ & SLA Calendar hours of Service within Console View.
  • — Ability to organize work items by SLA or OLA within Views.
  • — Ability to set Time to Respond and Time to Fix Objectives for SLA’s and OLA’s.
  • — "Stop the Clock " functionality against each work item if required.
  • — Ability to write advanced rules for specific days of each month or specific hours of each day.
  • — Write OLA's for each Activity within a Change, Service Request or Release Management Work Item. IE: OLA for each Manual Activity, OLA for each Approval Activity whilst having an overarching SLA for the Work Item.
  • — Easier SLA administration as SLA’s and OLA’s are not written against Work Queues

The benefits of SLA Management include:

  • — Saving Money.
  • — Greater employee awareness and ability to anticipate what to expect from IT operations.
  • — Clear, visible metrics to monitor performance and determine if you are on target with your business' goals.
  • — Easily demonstrate your success to your business.
  • — This partnership between IT and the business ensures the involvement of IT early in business planning.
  • — Prevent service breaches and reduce the cost associated with resolving them.
  • — Prioritize remediation efforts.
  • — Enable consistency in service.
  • — Support for industry best practices with standards based approach to managing IT resources.
  • — Improved service availability.
  • — Improved employee productivity.
  • — Lower TCO and a quicker ROI.

If you would like further information, you can download our SLA Management brochure from our Resources section or Contact Us today.