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SCSM Workflow Optimizer

Workflow Optimizer optimizes workflow. It's as simple as that!

Using Service Manager out of the box when authoring workflow to handle process automation, you can quickly create hundreds of workflow. The workflow will have a performance impact on Service Manager. We have worked with clients where we have taken configuration in excess of 700 workflows to a workflow count of less than 70. The impact on performance is massive.

In this example, we show a workflow that our customers typically configure. The 'New Incident Assigned to a Support Group' title is the name given to the workflow. The Event Criteria is the 'List Item is New' - so the list is the support tier.

You can specify criteria if you wish. For example; if it was only the database team or application team that you wish to notify because the other teams work in the service desk, you could sub-filter the support tier here so it's only database and application teams that receive the notification - so we're selecting people to notify.

We will notify the support tier here and we will send the 'Assigned to User Notification Template' so it's assigned to their group and it's the support queue that we will notify. It's not possible to do this out of the box with Service Manager. It's not possible to notify the support tier as a group off the list property

The benefit of using Workflow Optimizer to apply templates is that instead of writing hundreds of workflows for hundreds of templates, you can have on workflow take care of all of your templates.

A criteria which compliments another management pack, Request User Input, is 'Analyst Comment Is Added'. If an analyst is adding a comment into the log on the incident, you can insert a private tick box above the log box. If there is a tick in that box and 'Analyst Comment Is Added', you could use both of those events to trigger an affected user notification.

SCSM Workflow Optimizer

The benefits of Workflow Optimizer are:

  • — It is much easier to author and manage workflow
  • — You do not need to write hundreds of workflow
  • — You will have less than a hundred workflow when compared to having in excess of 700-800 workflow with out of the box SCSM
  • — Easier for the administrator to manage the system
  • — System is more important
  • — You can achieve more mature process within your service desk

To discover more about how this management pack can optimize your service desk, please have a look at our resources section or contact us today.