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Cased Dimensions with CAF

Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Gaining New Signatures

Microsoft has supercharged Azure uptake with the launch of their Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Cased Dimensions are now closing substantial new Microsoft business and gaining new signatures with CAF.

Let Cased Dimensions guide you into the Cloud and keep your functionality, flexibility and security intact.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework is a roadmap and set of tools to help and guide you to migrate from your current setup to a cloud-based system, giving you all of that flexibility whilst keeping the security you need.

We’ve produced our own IP ‘FLUIDS365’ which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft and sits within CAF. Cased Dimensions take legacy applications and enable them as SaaS applications. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is where organisations can reveal true operational costs savings. This enables our clients to drive exceptional ROI from their Software investments in a SaaS environment with SaaS efficiencies.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is intended to supply the precept, “One Microsoft voice for cloud adoption, consolidating and sharing greatest practices from Microsoft staff, companions, and prospects”.

Microsoft also recognizes the cloud’s great flexibility in design decisions and those enterprises that want a confirmed and constant methodology for adopting cloud applied sciences. Cased Dimensions can supply this.

Migrating from an on-site or single site platform into the cloud can bring many benefits, it can be a simple process or a complex process or something in between. Microsoft has formulated an adoption procedure that is designed to guide you to implement your business activities in the cloud. Having a set of guidelines makes each migration as seamless as possible and the methodology constant.

According to Canalys, as of the first quarter of 2019, Microsoft had bitten out of a 17% of the cloud infrastructure companies market. Furthermore, Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, meets that want–serving to information selections all throughout cloud adoption.

If you want to be a ‘new signature’ with Cased Dimensions and work with us around CAF and SaaS, please Contact us to know more.
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