Secure IT Migration to
Microsoft 365 Cloud

Get Your Infrastructure Ready For The Cloud

Successfully transforming your IT requires a considered approach

It all begins with a cloud readiness assessment of your where you are today, to identify how ready you are for cloud adoption

As experts in agile cloud strategy and transformation, our cloud readiness assessment outlines your organisation’s best path forward, regardless of your current IT

Cloud Readiness Assessment

This service that helps you evaluate your current IT infrastructure and plan a successful migration to the Microsoft 365 Cloud

It includes an audit of your portfolio, a cost-benefit analysis, a security and risk assessment, and a migration project plan

Benefits of Cloud Migration

If managed professionally, moving your IT to the cloud can help you achieve cost savings, improved performance, operational agility, and innovation

You can also leverage Microsoft 365 Cloud’s scalability, reliability, security, and flexibility to meet your business needs and goals

Why Choose Us

We are experts in IT Migrations to Microsoft 365 Cloud

We have the experience and tools to ensure you enhance your IT systems with the future proof benefits that being in Microsoft 365 Cloud brings to your business

Microsoft 365 Cloud – Optimised Best Practices

For businesses already in the cloud, our Optimised Best Practices Assessment looks at your current position to ensure you’re on the right track

It identifies where there is room for improvement, bother in terms of setup and ensuring you are financially optimised so that you can get the most value out of your environment

Room for Performance Improvements

All organisations want the best Microsoft 365 Cloud setup

Let Cased Dimensions take the time to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve

We’ll identify technical quick-wins, removal of any missed cyber risk and opportunities for even more innovation

Reduce Cloud Costs

It’s frustrating when Microsoft 365 Cloud doesn’t give you the value for money you were expecting

We will work out where cost savings can be made by re-configuring your design, turning off unused services, and getting a better deal on the services you do use

We will drive down cloud spend to make your budget work harder


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