Are you looking for a solution that can help you integrate and automate processes that are currently interrupted due to disconnected applications, data sources and systems

Find our pre-built application connectors, or throw us a challenge, and we will create a connector from scratch, even if your main application doesn’t freely allow connectors, we’ll find a way

How it Works

Connect applications faster with pre-built integrations

Spend more time on smoothing out your processes, and less on ensuring all the connections stay working

Pre-built connectors and readymade process journeys

Select from our large library of pre-built application connectors, then we’ll create the perfect process journey to jumpstart your integrations

Cloud Operate provides a vast and growing library of application-specific and technology connectors to support cloud applications and infrastructure, as well as on-premise software

Intelligent guidance

Knowing what data to map between applications can be one of the most challenging aspects of integration

We have collectively over 200 years of intelligence, so we can provide high-quality recommendations to simplify integration


“We have one of the best pension management applications in the industry, but when it came to taking instruction from our pension clients, we inevitably relied on manual forms, filled in on-line or still on paper, and a team of manual operators were required to input the form information into the pension management system”Senior Pension Change Administrator Major UK Pension Fund



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