AWS DevOps Services

Amazon Web Services DevOps is the first managed service that brings together the full suite of AWS DevOps solutions, giving customers one complete package of managed services.

AWS DevOps

– We can automate operations with AWS DevOps for easy deployment of software updates

– Replace manual scripting with continuous delivery pipelines for increased productivity

– Monitor your app at every stage of the development lifecycle with AWS Logs and CloudWatch

High-performance infrastructure

The new way to deploy, monitor and scale your web appsAutomate infrastructure provisioning with AWS CloudFormation. Setup continuous integration with AWS CodePipeline. Run tests on-demand or automatically with AWS CodeBuild, then store results for easy access with AWS CodeCommit.

Monitoring and metrics

All services are monitored by Amazon CloudWatch to provide detailed resource analytics, including CPU, disk utilization, and network traffic for every instance.

Scale your business quickly and easily

With Amazon Web Services DevOps, we can deploy applications to multiple regions in a few minutes, all while maintaining the performance and reliability required to run a business.

Get started 

It’s never been easier to get started with AWS DevOps – just contact one of our specialists who will guide you through your best options and help you choose the best way forward.


DevOps in AWS 

AWS DevOps is a service that makes it easy for development and IT operations teams to collaborate on the application code and infrastructure, so you can deliver features faster and with high quality. With AWS DevOps, you can:

Go from idea to production

AWS DevOps helps development and IT operations teams collaborate on the application code and infrastructure. You can go from idea to production confidently with AWS support for web-scale computing.

Scale up or down in seconds

Great for startups who need flexibility and scalability, or enterprises who want stability with elasticity. Easily add or reduce compute resources such as EC2 instances or RDS database instances by right-clicking on your application in the AWS Management Console.

Make sure your app continuously delivers value

Use continuous integration (CI) to continuously deliver features faster with less risk. We will run all your tests before you deploy your changes, reduce deployment time by scaling your CI to use multiple machines, have automatic feedback loops so you can detect problems early and get code coverage reports so you know where you need to focus your efforts.

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