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Liam Murray talks about the value of ITSM for business process

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Liam Murray, CEO and founder of Cased Dimensions, discusses the power and benefits of ITSM and how the ITSM practitioner can bring value to the business. For more information on how we can integrate to automate IT service management in your business, check out the world’s largest SCSM App Store and get in touch with us today.

Video Transcript:

“The challenges that ITSM practitioners are facing this year and in future years. It’s very hard to define that against a given customer as and to say a generic state statement across all customers is immature. Different customers are at different levels of maturity in relation to their adoption of
the service management model. What most people are trying to do is become more client and employee. So rather than customer, we tend to talk about the employee because the employee is the customer what IT practitioners frequently have had issues in delivering before as business value.

So to define how the practitioner will bring value to the business relates to defining the value for the business. The challenge for the IT practitioner is talking. If you talk to business people, they’ll always talk about business processes. And if you’re going to try and educate your financial director or your managing director about ITIL, you’re losing before you start because they’re not interested in learning what it all is. They’re interested in how they can help their business be more efficient.

So customers and It practitioners while it’s being processed and they need to be savvy about technology too, because you could define something very well, but configure it in something where only 30% of your employees can use it. So if you push that out on an old technology and people are accessing it via their handheld or via an ipad or Mac, they won’t get to the data. They won’t get to the service, and then they’ll go back to the phone model. So It practitioners need to enable a framework with good data to find the a process in a repeatable way, bring the service to the customer and a portal, but ensure that the portal is technology aligned to work across all the devices within their organisation.

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