Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

For most malicious actors, end user devices are the main target to gain access to a company’s infrastructure.

It is where the majority of ransomware and malware-based attacks begin.  Ensure you have the right protection, detection and response capabilities when it comes to this critical area of your IT systems.

Recent Cyber Security Breaches survey has reported over 40% of UK&I businesses have reported an attack or brewach in the last 12 months.

Over 80% of these attacks are phishing, following by impersonation.


Advanced Protection: Includes detection, response and mitigation of the threat

Rapid Deployment: Simple to deploy and integrate

Rapid Response: Spend less time on mundane tasks and elevate the focus to remediation

Evolve continually: Develop your solution at a pace and stay ahead of security risks

Expertise: Monitoring, investigation and remediation from our expert security team 24/7


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