Azure Support Services

When you migrate to Microsoft Azure cloud services, Cased Dimensions (Azure Gold certified) are here to help.​

Azure support from Microsoft is by email, where the SLA on response is 24 hours. This can mean a full day’s delay whilst you wait for someone to deal with the issue.​
Cased Dimensions can resolve between 80% and 90% of client Azure issues without even having to contact Microsoft. Cased Dimensions are also available to help you with architecture design and implementation.
At Cased Dimensions we act as the Tier 1, Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 Service Desk in Azure, offering you peace of mind and a fast resolution when a problem arises. We are different to traditional MSP’s as we have an in-house development team and can also help you with rapid legacy app modernisation to Azure App Modernisation.
Any issue you encounter is likely to be an architecture or configuration problem, which we can fix.​

It is our unique structure of Development with Operations which enables our agile method to fix your Azure issues.

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