Finance Management

Finance Management

Cased Dimensions Finance Management Portal extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We help you deliver agile, flexible and exceptional finance portals.

Cased Dimensions Finance Management Portal allows you to leverage your existing Microsoft investments & skillsets, whilst digitally transforming your IT services for a cloud-first agile world.

Finance Departments receive random work requests through email. Where information is shared by email, many versions of what the “same” information should be, often isn’t. The Finance Team then spends much time auditing requests & chasing employees to manage informed delivery in a consistent timely manner.

Cased Dimensions Finance Management portal enables finance department to efficiently fulfil submitted requests and provides management with visibility into work requests with audit.
  • Financial reports and reporting including P&L.
  • Purchase order requisition
  • Payroll including online payslips and P60
Our Self-Service Portal journey is user friendly and intuitive. Knowledge Articles can be configured to complement each request an employee may raise. Employees can also see the process supporting each request they make and the stage at which the process is at.
This may help them not chase Finance but instead work with the business for Service Delivery. i.e. if a line manager is to approve a Purchase Order, the employee can see this and chase their line manager instead of the Finance Team.
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