Sales & Marketing Automation With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales and Marketing

Of the newest breed of sales and marketing tools marketing automation stands apart as a tool that can generate a serious return on marketing investment.

As marketeers begin to sift through the new landscape of technology and solutions to find the products that can go beyond a compelling ‘new and ground breaking’ storyline to truly deliver the next level results they promise, sales and marketing automation has gained a reputation as a solution that can add serious revenue and results.
Accelerate Sales Funnel

Accelerates your sales funnel 

  • Automation allows you to transform your sales funnel from an abstract inefficient cost centre to a revenue generating machine, reimagined with the latest technology and data.
Aligns Sales and Marketing
Align sales and marketing

  • Automatic lead scoring and grading, assignment rules and real time notifications turn disparate departments into one cohesive, revenue generating machine.
  • Marketing automation is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing processes. This helps create better alignment between sales and marketing, improves lead generation and increases revenue.

Marketing and Sales Automation Funnel

Marketing and Sales Automation

Dynamics 365 Marketing also offers a wide range of features for managing your marketing campaigns. With Dynamics 365, you can create and track email campaigns, design landing pages, and generate leads. Additionally, Dynamics 365 provides social listening capabilities that allow you to monitor your brand’s social media presence and identify potential customers.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive customer experience and marketing platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ultimate solution. With its complete set of tools for managing customer relationships and powerful marketing capabilities, Dynamics 365 can help your business drive growth and improve its bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement Dynamics 365 at your organisation.

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