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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete, connected business solution that can help you manage your finances, sales, marketing, and operations. It’s designed to work with Office 365 and the latest version of Windows 10 so it’s easy to get started and keep up with the latest innovations.

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Dynamics 365 is built for businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to large enterprises. You can choose the applications that are right for your needs and get started quickly and easily. Plus, you can count on Microsoft to keep your data safe and secure.

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Dynamics 365 from Microsoft is split into several disciplines, chose yours below.

  • Sales – Maximise the impact of your sales efforts by utilising AI-driven insights to accelerate growth and engagement.
  • Marketing – Potential user focused engagement by nurturing relationships with potential customers using personalised experience.
  • Customer Service – Proactively meet customer demands, after all, it is easier to please existing customers than attract new ones.
  • Finance – Stay agile from a financial standpoint by quickly adapting to new situations immediately without hesitation.
  • Commerce – Ensure seamless experiences for your shoppers with AI automated sales journey monitoring and support.
  • Supply chain – Logistical excellence can be achieved but the chain of supply needs to be monitored and correctly managed.
  • HR – Human Resources. Integrate employee related information into one central access point with universal availability.

You’re probably like most business owners and feel like you don’t have enough time in the day. Between managing your team, customer relationships, and keeping up with the latest industry trends, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. 

It’s hard to keep up with the competition when you’re bogged down by administrative tasks. You need a CRM system that can help automate these processes and free up your time.

Cased Dimensions is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system that can do just that. With our automation tools, you’ll be able to manage your customer data, track sales opportunities, and more – all from one central location.

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