Process Flow

How it Works

When you have picked your connectors, next lets create the flow between them

Take the digital friction out of your business processes quickly, securely, and at scale

Build The Process Flow quickly at scale

Slash time from months to hours with a mix of pre-built templates that enable us, or your business experts in the process, to drag and drop logical instructions into your process flow

Engage anyone on any device

Push your process flow creation further

For example, get your clients to start the process flow via a mobile app, instead of filling in a standlone form

Make any data actionable by Learning the Phrases!


A trigger is an event that initiates the process

Triggers can be based on different types of inputs, such as web, email, manual, or application-based

Triggers are the first step on the road to automating your process flow, as they define when and how a process should start


An action is what you want your process to do, when a trigger occurs

You can use actions to make your tasks easier and faster

You can also combine different actions to create a sequence of steps that you want to do automatically


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