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If your business is in Microsoft 365, You Should Be Aware of Your Microsoft Secure Score

Cybersecurity is a vital aspect of any business, especially in the face of evolving and sophisticated cyber threats. To protect your data and systems, you need to implement the best security practices and comply with the relevant regulations. But how do you know if your security measures are effective and up to date? That’s where Microsoft Secure Score comes in.

Secure Score is a service that evaluates and rates your security posture based
on the following elements:

1.      Identity
this covers the accounts, privileges, and settings of your Azure Active
Directory users

2.     Device
this focuses on the security features of your endpoints, such as anti-virus,
threat detection, and vulnerability management

3.     Apps
this looks at the security configurations of your email, data loss prevention
policies, and cloud apps like Microsoft Teams

Secure Score will give you a low score if you don’t meet
certain security standards, such as enabling multifactor authentication or
updating your devices regularly.

Secure Score also provides you with a list of recommended
actions to improve your security posture. These actions may include enabling
advanced ransomware protection, encrypting your devices, or setting up strict
firewall policies. These actions are based on the Microsoft services you have,
such as Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Each action has a point value that reflects its potential
impact on your security. Completing an action will increase your score, which
is expressed as a percentage and updated in real-time. The higher your score,
the more secure your business is.

You can access Secure Score from the Microsoft 365 Defender
dashboard. On the left navigation panel, select ‘Secure Score’. This service is
available for enterprises with Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions.

Only certain administrators have access to Secure Score,
such as global, security, Exchange, and SharePoint administrators. These
administrators can also grant read-only access to some users, such as security

To help you understand and improve your security strategy,
we have created a benchmark based on different industries. Here are some

       A Secure Score of 30% or below means your data is highly vulnerable and you need
to focus on improving your security.

       A Secure Score of 50% means you have to check and implement the best security

       A Secure Score of 65% means you have activated all the security features and your
business is doing well in terms of security.

       A Secure Score of 80% or above is the ideal score and the industry-recommended
standard. It means you have applied additional security configurations to
enhance your protection.

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