Advanced Ransomware Defence

Advanced Ransomware Defence

Advanced Ransomware Defence

Backups are crucial in the fight against ransomware, giving you a way to recover encrypted data following an attack

Unfortunately, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by cyber criminals, who seek to encrypt or delete backups to put recovery out of reach.

We solve this headache, creating multiple backups and making them immutable, which prevents them from being changed or deleted by hackers

A powerful managed solution bringing backup and incident response together to tackle ransomware, this prevents your backup data from being accessed, changed or deleted through immutability

What is an immutable backup?

An immutable backup can’t be modified, deleted or crypto locked

Having an immutable copy of your data means there’s always an untouched source of truth that’s safe and recoverable, helping you get back to business after any failure scenario – even ransomware.

It all starts with a hardened backup appliance that sits on-premise and stores an immutable copy of your data locally

A version of your local backup is encrypted and sent to the the Cloud Backup, where it’s air-gapped and made immutable, to protect against local incidents

With two immutable copies of
your data, one in the cloud and
one on-premise, you’ll always
have an untouched version of
your source data for recovery,
no matter what happens

If a ransomware incident occurs, we’ll restore yourbackups for you

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