Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With employees and data working in increasingly decentralised and disparate ways, enabling productive work while keeping the organisation’s data in the form of documents, emails and the like, is a fundamental element of protecting your organisations intellectual property.

A comprehensive Data Loss Prevention programme needs to be tailored and right-sized for your organization, specifically identifying and grading your data based on its confidentiality, and impact of being leaked.

Understanding how your staff create, copy, store and share data and the types of data involved, is fundamental for enabling the right protection.

We develop Data Loss Prevention strategies specifically for you. By defining and scoping how best to protect your information assets

We work with you to identify your most confidential data assets, and those that need most protection. For example can your Financial Controller export a statement of your invoices to excel and email it out of the company?

This will include updating business processes, and deployment of targeted technologies to detect and prevent instances of data loss.

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