Asset & Lifecycle Management

Gain visibility and control of your IT assets and cost through Asset Management.

Cased Dimensions Asset Management & Lifecyle Management extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We help you deliver agile, flexible and exceptional Asset Management.
Cased Dimensions Asset Management & Lifecyle Management allows you to leverage your existing Microsoft investments & skillsets, whilst digitally transforming your IT services for a cloud-first agile world.
Managing the life cycle of your IT assets is a proven and successful way of controlling your estate, whilst realising cost savings on hardware and software, and achieving compliance and security risk mitigation. Organizations need a solution informing you as to what assets your company hold, where they are, who uses them, how they are configured and what they cost? This normally is managed through joiner leaver mover process.
At Cased Dimensions, we’re Asset Management experts. We help clients manage all or part of the Asset Management process. This includes your people (join, move, leave), Asset Inventory warehouse, asset management software, compliance, self-service portal and each of the asset lifecycle phases as illustrated.
MSP Lifecycle
Cased Dimensions are also experts in mobile device management, data management and security + compliance.
Once this service is live, we automate much of the ‘Asset’ & ‘User’ data, enabling us to track each asset anytime, anywhere during its life cycle. We also report against assets by department/site/geography/cost
But that’s not all. Our Self-Service Portal enables authorized users to request and approve assets; see assets they own or offer feedback to reflect they no longer hold an asset.
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