Employee Self-Service Portal

Cased Dimensions employee self-service portal extends the Microsoft Dynamics365 platform. We help you deliver dynamic, flexible and integrated employee self-service.

Employee Self-Service is when you deploy a portal instead of employing people in Call Centres. Employee queries are raised through the portal instead of employees calling a Call Centre. This is similar to online banking or online shopping where people “self-service”.

Employee Self-Service from Cased Dimensions is a product where you can deploy a self-service catalogue, self-service Knowledge Articles and self-service FAQ’s with “zero code”. i.e.: Portals are configured in a product and no development is required. A Business Analyst, Service Desk Team Lead, Department Analyst or Call Centre Analyst can easily configure with basic training.

Our Employee Self-Service Portal also supports a dynamic user journey. For example, if a question is answered as option “C”, the questions following can be relative to “Path C”.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows the creation, updating or deletion of records within Dynamics365 against ANY Entity. When creating a Record, Cased Dimensions also allows your business to associate automatically a Process Flow against the record created. IE: associate the correct process to the Record to ensure the Employee’s request is managed correctly.

ESS also presents Portal questions and answers within the Dynamics Record as shown below:

Employee Self-Service Portal

Areas where Cased Dimensions has deployed Self-Service include:

  • IT Service Management Self-Service

  • DevOps Management Self-Service

  • Finance Management Self-Service

  • HR / Talent Management Self-Service

  • Sales & Marketing Self-Service

  • Government Portals Citizen Self-Service

  • Customer Portals Self-Service

Our Employee Self-Service allows for integration, through an API Library, to any business application (not just restricted to Dynamics).

Cased Dimensions also allows for configuration of better workflows within Dynamics365 . Please select Dynamics365 Workflow for further information.

Some of our clients include:

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