Dynamics365 Workflow

Cased Dimensions Dynamics365 Workflow helps you deliver easy to configure & update workflows - inside Dynamics365 – “zero code”.

Dynamics365 “Process Flows” allows Microsoft Dynamics administrators to configure a Process Flow, within Dynamics365 Records, to ensure organizations structure Business Process, as shown below:

Dynamics Workflow

However, to associate “Activities” to each Process Flow Stage requires development to associate Activities to Stages. For example, when Identify Process Stage is being managed, a business may require:

  • Approval (via line manager) Activity

  • Make Phone Call(s) Activity

  • Send Email(s) Activity

  • Check User details/permissions (on another System) Activity

  • Arrange Custom Tasks (process specific) Activity

  • Arrange Appointment(s) Activity

  • Set Recurring Appointments Activity

  • Send Letter / Upload Letter Activity

  • Check Faxe(s) Activity

  • View Campaign Response(s) Activity

  • Service Activity

  • Custom Activity

  • Manual Activity to discuss request

With Cased Dimensions “Dynamics365 Workflow”, clients can easily draw/configure their preferred workflow and insert language into ‘activities’ to make it easy for Service Desk or Departmental Analysts to manage process in real time.

Power App View of “Dynamics365 Workflow

Dynamics Workflow

Additional features include:

  • All active activities are shown within Record.

  • Analysts can work from Activity Work Queues or from Case Work Queues.

  • Parallel Processes can run.

  • Sequential Process.

  • Decision Path.

  • Create Entity Activity.

  • Skip to Stage (Process Flow Stage)

  • Update Parent Record Activity.

  • Loop and repeat.

  • Parent Details to Activity.

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