Advanced Ransomware Defence

Advanced Ransomware Defence Advanced Ransomware Defence Backups are crucial in the fight against ransomware, giving you a way to recover encrypted data following an attack Unfortunately, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by cyber criminals, who seek to encrypt or delete backups to put recovery out of reach. We solve this headache, creating multiple backups and making … Read more

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) With employees and data working in increasingly decentralised and disparate ways, enabling productive work while keeping the organisation’s data in the form of documents, emails and the like, is a fundamental element of protecting your organisations intellectual property. A comprehensive Data Loss Prevention programme needs to be tailored and right-sized for … Read more

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response For most malicious actors, end user devices are the main target to gain access to a company’s infrastructure. It is where the majority of ransomware and malware-based attacks begin.  Ensure you have the right protection, detection and response capabilities when it comes to this critical area of your IT systems. Recent … Read more

Cyber Assessment and Compliance

Cyber Assessment and Compliance The consequences of a breach will be detrimental to every facet of your business, including systems, employees and technology Cyber attackers find new methods every day,  meaning that any gap in your systems could be easily exploited Security and regulatory assessments are an effective way to measure your organisation’s resilience Framework … Read more