IT Support London

Cased Dimensions offers IT Support London. We are based in London but also have IT Support centres in Birmingham, Basingstoke and Belfast.​

IT Support London covers a range of services including older technologies (located on a client site) or cloud services.
Should a client have an old application they wish to move off, we also offer our Product Fluids365 to move clients rapidly off old technologies and onto an elastic cloud based platform.
Service offered includes:
  • Asset Management – imaging and building of PC’s, Laptops etc…
  • Service Desk support for issues – users call a desk and remote support resolves an issue
  • Onsite support – for clients requiring a more personal touch, staff be deployed to help users locally
  • Consultancy – design and implementation of applications and required infrastructure
  • Development – development of client applications where required
  • Office 365 – for Desktop Productivity
  • Microsoft Dynamics365 – for Client application needs

IT Support London supports many clients both private and government.

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