Dynamics 365 Adaptations and Extensions

Dynamics 365 is a business management software that helps you to run your entire business more effectively and efficiently. It brings together the capabilities of several Microsoft services like Word, Powerpoint, Outlook etc. And also connects with other applications through Web Services.

Business Management Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not only provide standard functionalities for various industry verticals like Manufacturing, Distribution, Services etc but also supports customization which allows the user to customize and extend the functionality of the solution by using X++ programming language.

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Dynamic ERP Service

Cased Dimensions has created several Accelerators to enhance rapid business maturity inside the Dynamics 365 Platform.

Employee Self-Service

Cased Dimensions employee self-service portal extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

DevOps Service Desk

We help you deliver agile, flexible and exceptional ITSM DevOps.

Government Forms

We help you deliver dynamic GDS web forms or Web Apps for Government departments.

Talent & HR Management

We help you deliver agile, flexible and exceptional Talent Management.

Finance Management

We help you deliver agile, flexible and exceptional finance portals.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Of the newest breed of sales and marketing tools marketing automation stands apart as a tool that can generate a serious return on marketing investment.

Dynamics 365 Workflow

We help you deliver ‘easy to configure & update’ workflows inside Dynamics 365 through Zero code.

The users can make customizations or extensions that help them in automating a business process and creating new applications to achieve various business objectives like reducing cost, improving productivity etc. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides two types of customization:

Adaptations: Adaptations are the changes made to the standard application without changing the underlying code or database. These changes are done using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface and do not require any programming skills. 

Extensions: Extensions are customizations that require changes to the code or database. These changes are made by developers using Visual Studio, a software development tool provided by Microsoft.

These two customization approaches provide the flexibility to extend and customize the solution according to your business requirements with out affecting the stability, performance or functionality of the application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete business management software that can be adapted and extended as per your unique needs and help you achieve your business goals.

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